All baseball and softball bats are covered under our warranty policy. Training bats do not have warranties.

Pinnacle Sports Youth One-Year Warranty Pinnacle Sports 100-Day Warranty


New Adult Maple/Hybrid
 100 Day Warranty

Pinnacle Sports Adult Petrified Series- 1Yr Warranty


hnbb100dy-400-192x48.jpg Youth BamBooBat
 100 Day Warranty
Pinnacle Sports Granite Series Two-Year Warranty


100 Day Warranty

bamboobat-granite-orange-30739.1484035938.500.750.jpg hnbb110das-300-216x50.jpg


100 Day Warranty

Adult BamBooBat Granite Models BamBooBat Adult Softball Model 
Pinnacle Sports 30-Day Warranty    
Adult BamBooBat BBB Model


30-Day / 100-Day / One-Year / Two-Year Warranty
Pinnacle Sports Equipment Inc. offers a ONE-TIME REPLACEMENT WITHIN THE FIRST 30 DAYS, 100 DAYS, ONE YEAR, TWO YEARS OF THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE, depending on the bat model.

Only bats made of bamboo or bamboo hybrids are covered under this policy. ONLY BATS SOLD BY OUR AUTHORIZED DEALERS WILL BE COVERED UNDER THE WARRANTY PROGRAM. If you purchase a bat from someone who is NOT one of our authorized dealers you are purchasing at your own risk. If we dont sell the bat to the dealer directly it will not be covered as we will have no idea where the bat came from or if it is even a REAL Pinnacle Sports Equipment, Inc product. 

This warranty covers all manufacturing defects from normal field usage including: cracking or breakage. The policy does not cover:

  1. Bats that have been sanded, abused, altered or mistreated are not covered under this policy.
  3. Any bat hit with dimple balls is not covered under this policy.
  4. Baseball bats used for softball play, and/or softball bats used for baseball play are NOT covered under this policy.
  5. If a ball is hit off the end of the bat near the cupped portion, and the bat breaks from the end of bat towards the handle then the bat is not covered under this policy. We will not replace bats that have pieces broken off from the bottom of the bat or inside the cup of the bat.
  6. For your ONE-TIME WARRANTY replacement, please email us at info@bamboobat.com
  7. All returned bats must have a Return Authorization Number given by us via email. The replacement bat will be the same length as the one returned.
  8. Pinnacle Sports Equipment Inc. reserves the right to send any model bat we have in stock as a replacement. That includes cosmetic blem bats. The color you send us is NOT guaranteed to be what you get back.
  9. Any replacement bat will not be covered by a warranty policy. Pinnacle Sports Equipment will pay for return ground shipping on any bat that is shipped within the Continental United States.
  10. All shipping charges on bats returned to us must be paid for by the customer sending the return. For replacement bats that need to be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or overseas, the customer is responsible for paying the shipping charges back to them as well as to our return department.
  11. The return must include the original receipt. Photo copies or duplicate receipts will not be accepted. Computerized receipts must be sent if the retailer uses a computer invoice system. If a handwritten receipt is sent and the retailer uses a computerized invoice system, the return will be voided.
  12. If the bat you send back to us for a warranty is denied a replacement for any reason, the bat will be thrown out and no other contact will be made. Please make sure you have a legitimate warranty issue so you don't waste money on shipping. We will not ship back a broken bat.