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Pinnacle Sports Finger Pads

Made of a high grade neoprene material Pinnacle Sports Finger Pads are perfect item to protect the fingers of athletes who play all different types of sports. Finger Pads can be used by baseball players to help protect against hard throwing fielders or line drives coming of a batters bat. Infielders who have to take hard throws to turn two or first basemen who are consistently taking hard throws from across the diamond. The neoprene cushions the blow from the baseball when it hits your hand. Naturally there is no guarantee your hand won’t get hurt, it is a certainty that it can lessen the impact.

If you’re playing volley ball the Pinnacle Sports neoprene Finger Pads can also help protect you from getting scratched at the net. The stiff neoprene gives some support to the fingers and helps in protecting from hyper extending the fingers.

They are meant to fit tight on the finger and they are not to be left on the fingers for extended periods of time. After you are finished playing your game or your practice session you should remove them and let your fingers flex naturally. Available in nine different color combinations there is sure to be a combination that is just right for you. You receive two Finger Pads per pack. They are available in three sizes. Youth, Adult Medium and Adult large.

Colors Available Are:

  • Black/Black
  • Black/Red
  • Black/Royal
  • Black/White
  • Royal/Gray
  • Royal/White
  • Orange/White
  • Pink/White
  • Red/White

Pinnacle Sports Finger Pads are a product that most players can use throughout the year while playing multiple sports. An inexpensive way to give some extra added protection to a very vulnerable part of your body. If your fingers are hurt, it’s not likely you will perform at a very high level. Throw a few sets in your bag and be ready whenever you need to play.

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    Pinnacle Sports Athletic Finger Pad Protectors with 9 Team Colors
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