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Closeout & Blemished Bats

Hello everyone and welcome to the bargain center of In this section you will find products that we have either discontinued, being closed out or that have cosmetic defects. All products in this section will have greatly reduced prices from our normal retail prices. All products in this section come WITHOUT any warranty. Even if a cosmetic blem product has a warranty sticker on it when you receive it, understand that there are NO warranties on any of the cosmetic blem products bought in this section. All the products in this section will always be new, unused products. We do not sell any used items. Items may be scratched; dented, chipped, color faded, or has some other type of cosmetic blemish such as not having a BBCOR sticker on it. All products will have full function ability as a new product does. Products in this section can also be bought in bulk if you feel you have a use for any item in quantity if it is available. Products in this section are not guaranteed to be of a certain weight drop. If you need a specific length and weight you will need to buy from our full priced selection of bats. Typically once we are sold out of an item listed in this section they will not be available in the future. It isn’t often that we have these items so check back daily to see if any were added as the items are sold on a first come first served basis. The items sold in this section are all final sales items. Returns on these are not permitted. In the case of baseball bats, we may sell bats with a general description as in 32” BamBooBat. That would just mean that it could be any color. At Pinnacle Sports Equipment Inc. we pride ourselves on making the highest quality products and offering them to our customers at great prices so you always receive the best value for your dollar on the market. As with any manufacturing, during the process there may be some defects in color or minimal damage during shipping. In those cases we feel it is better to offer our customers an opportunity to buy a great quality product for a discounted price. Not everyone’s needs are the same and that is why we offer these products to you. 

Thank you for your support of our BamBooBat and Pinnacle Sports brands. We strive to live up to our customer’s high expectations every day. 

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  • Pinnacle Sports or BamBooBat Adult Cosmetic Blem Bamboo Baseball Bat (NO WARRANTY)
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