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Turbo Puck – Street Hockey Puck

Rubber Body – Enhances Durability

Large Exterior Turbo Inserts – Enhances Speed

Central Slik Insert – Provides Balance & Stability

Textured Designed Edge – Enhances Stick/Puck Feel

Heavy Weight – Aids In Passing and Puck Control

Strategic placement of all inserts combined with the fact that we make the Turbo Puck heavier than traditional roller/in-line pucks provides for much smoother play. 

The puck stay’s flatter and shouldn’t flip as much as other pucks on the market today. 

Available in nine different colors:

Blue/White, Orange/White, Green/White, Black/Black, Black/Orange, Black/Green, Black/Yellow, Black/Blue, Black/White


Contact us at to have your organization sponsored by Turbo Puck. We have a sponsorship plan for every organization.  Make Turbo Puck the Official Puck of your organization. The Turbo Puck has been on the market for a decade now and has stood the test of time.  Players from all over the USA, Canada and Europe have loved using the Turbo Puck street hockey puck. You can use the Turbo Puck street hockey puck to train with or use it for game or recreation use. Growing up in the streets of Brooklyn, NY all we used was a roll of tape. That’s where the inspiration to create something better came from. The Turbo Puck is the ultimate street hockey puck. It will play well on most surfaces. Tested on concrete, blacktop, sport court and ice, the Turbo Puck glides with ease. The puck was always intended to be used a street hockey puck, to play with in smaller more confined areas. It was not intended to be used as a puck to be used hitting long hard slap shots but more for the short pass or quick wrist shot type of play as is typical in street hockey. If you want to use a puck that will glide well and help you in your passing skills to get the puck from point A to point B the Turbo Puck might just be for you. Distributed by Pinnacle Sports Equipment, Inc. You can find the Turbo Puck on line or in a retailer near you. 

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