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Pinnacle Sports Team Color Playa Bands

Be a team player and show off your team colors by wearing the Pinnacle Sports Playa Bands in your team’s colors. The Playa Bands currently are available in six different three pack choices. Each silicone Playa band comes with a random word stamped into it. The words can be one of the following: Closer, Shooter, Playmaker, Stopper or Automatic. Every Playa Band also has the Pinnacle Sports trademarked logo stamped into the opposite side of the stamped word. The three packs are available in the following team colors:

  • Navy/Gray/White 
  • Purple/Yellow/White
  • Black/Red/White 
  • White/Black/Gray
  • Red/White/Navy
  • Royal/Orange/White

With words randomly stamped into the bands you can collect all the different colors with the word you like best. Express what you feel you are when you are wearing your Pinnacle Sports Playa Bands. Are you the “Playmaker” – the guy or girl who sets the offense on the basketball court or that wide receiver who makes the one handed catch to win the game in over time. Maybe you’re the “Shooter” – the person who everyone knows is just a natural. Pure “Shooter” as the saying goes. Are you the “Stopper”? The 7th and 8th inning guy who holds onto the win so you can turn it over to the guy everyone knows. The “Closer”. When he is in the game it should be lights out. If that’s you, you’re the intimidating guy that no one wants to face. The guy who in the 9th inning that seals the victory for the team. If your “Automatic” that means you have put in so much practice time to perfect your craft that people never expect you to miss. 

No matter what your personality is Pinnacle Sports has a Playa Band for you. Available in 10 different colors you are certain to find one or more that you can combine and wear every day. Show team support and have everyone wear the same colors all the time. With the popularity of our Playa Bands we will be expanding to add more team colors in the future. Please send us an email at to leave us suggestions on the team colors you would like to see in the future.

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