Collection: Trifecta - Maple-Hickory Hybrid BBCOR Wood Bat with One-Year Warranty

Trifecta - Maple-Hickory Hybrid BBCOR One-Year Warranty Wood Baseball Bat
by Pinnacle Sports Equipment, Inc.

The Pinnacle Sports Trifecta model bats are made from a combination of Maple/Hickory and bamboo laminates. Together they combine for great strength, durability and high performance. It is so durable in fact we offer a ONE-YEAR manufacturer’s warranty against breakage during normal use.

The Trifecta comes with a cupped end. This bat is BBCOR approved and tested to be a very high performing bat. The rubber like handle finish adds a textured grip so you have better control of the bat whether you use batting gloves or bare hands. You won’t need to sacrifice distance and power, you’ll get great performance AND a ONE-YEAR WARRANTY.

Use this for your everyday batting practice bat and avoid damaging your expensive composite bat. This is the everything bat and is a great value for the money.

  1. One-Year Warranty
  2. Rubber Like Textured Handle
  3. Great For Batting Practice or Game Use
  4. Pinnacle Technology
  5. Tapered Handle / 271 Turning With Large Barrel 
  6. Flare Handle / 243 Turning With X-Large Barrel
  7. Cupped End
  8. End Loaded Feel


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