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Fungo Bats Available in 11 Team Colors

BamBooBat Adult Coaches Fungo 100 Day Warranty Bamboo Bat by Pinnacle Sports Equipment Inc.

Our adult models of BamBooBat Fungol bats are made with the highest quality bamboo available. We use a proprietary mix of different types of bamboo which creates a very durable and weight appropriate bat for coaches of all ages. Our fungo bats comeplayful sizes. The 34" bat we suggest for infield use or youth league coaches and our 37" for high school, college and professional coaches. The adult 100 Day Warranty BamBooBat Fungo models come in many colors. We have both sizes available in two tone colors. Each bat has a white handle and can have the barrel come in black, royal, navy, red, kelly, forest, maroon, scarlet, orange, purple or white.

Our bats are finished with a shiny high gloss finish on the barrel of the bat and come with a matte finish on the handle to give a better grip. You can find our adult Fungo model bats at many retail outlets throughout the USA as well as on line. With so many wood bat tournaments being played our BamBooBat models are extremely popular. The durability and performance provides the best value for the dollar in the industry. BamBooBat Fungol bats are much stronger than the traditional ash or maple Fungo bats found on the market today. Adult coaches who never used a wood bat before don't understand there is difference in using a wood bat compared to a composite bat. Many coaches break wooden bats regularly so the added durability of our bamboo bat allows coaches to hit with more confidence. Unlike regular wood bats our bats come with a 100 day warranty against breakage. Though our bats can break, the warranty allows for one free replacement bat during the warranty period. Another great reason to choose our BamBooBat models is because bamboo is a green product. With the average tree needing 15-20 years before it can be replenished bamboo can be replenished in as little as five years. Bamboo is a naturally growing sustainable renewable resource. our Fungo bats are used by thousands of coaches from youth sports to professional coaches at all levels of play. Everyone loves the amazing performance of our Bamboo Fungo. Don't be fooled by imitators, we are the original maker of the bamboo Fungo and our BamBooBat brand is the leading brand for any bat made of bamboo.

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  • BamBooBat Coaches Fungo - 34" or 37" (10 Colors in 34") (Black-White in 37")
    BamBooBat Coaches Fungo Baseball Bat
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