About Us

About Pinnacle Sports Equipment, Inc. / DBA BamBooBat

Pinnacle Sports Equipment Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of the premium-branded, Pinnacle Sports and BamBooBat brands made with Quadcore Technology and Patented Fuzioncor Technology.

Pinnacle Sports Equipment teams with scientists and researchers in China who specialize in the uses of bamboo. Our research team has led us to create the best possible baseball bats on the market made from our proprietary mix of bamboo species. Bamboo baseball bats have never had commercial success until our BamBooBat brand was introduced to the market in 2003.Now sold internationally, our BamBooBat and Pinnacle Sports brands are the bamboo bats of choice.

Pinnacle Sports Equipment Inc. trademarked Quadcore and Fuzioncor Technology make our BamBooBat balanced and durable all the time. Most BamBooBat and Pinnacle Sports products are finished with a beautiful high gloss finish, and we offer the largest selection of color choices in the market today.

All our adult BamBooBat and Pinnacle Sports models are BBCOR Certified for high school and college players.

Pinnacle Sports Equipment Inc. offers several series of bats, all come with one the following warranty types:

  • 30-day warranty
  • 100-day warranty
  • One-year warranty
  • Two-year warranty

We assure that you'll receive an excellent product and the best value for the money at any price point. We have a bat to fit anyone's budget.