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Pinnacle Sports Triad Titanium Triple Power Team Color Necklace

The Pinnacle Sports Triad Titanium necklace can actually be worn on your neck, wrist or ankle. It doesn’t have to be worn exclusively on your neck. This item is made in either a singe strand or in a triple strand to more emphasize your team’s colors. With such a wide variety of colors and sizes to chose from there is sure to be more than one of your favorite color combinations available for you or a friend. Buy them in several different color combinations to use as accessory items to dress up all your different wardrobe looks.

Three sizes are available. The 15” is typically the size that most youth players purchase. The 18” is actually our best selling size. It will typically fit the bigger youth player as well as the average adult. Our 22” size is for the larger adult or for a person who just wants the look of the necklace to hand lower on the chest.

Currently the single strand necklace is available in 20 different colors. Our triple stranded is available in 35 different team color combinations. We do have solid colors in single and triple strands. Most of the triple strands will be available in team color combinations such as navy/white/gray or red/white/black to only name two. You can imagine with so many color combinations we are very likely to have your teams color available.

We caution everyone not to use this item over areas of eczema, rashes or open wounds. If a rash or irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately and consult your physician. Use caution around children; the product may become a choking hazard. This product is not recommended for children under 10 years of age. The necklace should be removed before engaging in any activity where there is the risk of the necklace becoming a possible choking hazard.

Instructions for washing these items are as follows:

Hand wash. Keep out of direct sunlight. High humidity and or prolonged exposure to water can cause the product to become deformed. Pulling the necklace roughly can break or damage the product. Friction between the necklace and clothing may cause the color from the necklace to transfer to the fabric. 

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