Frequently Asked Questions


Q – What are BamBooBat & Pinnacle Sports bats made from?

A – All of our bats are made from either a proprietary mix of special bamboo, a mix of bamboo and maple or a mix of bamboo and hickory. 


Q – Is there a difference between the models?

A – Yes. The difference is in the materials and construction. Some bats are made to be more long lasting and higher performing than others.


Q – What is the price range of your bats?

A -  Our baseball bats will range in price from $49.99 - $149.99. Our softball bats range from $79.99 - $129.99. The training bats range from $29.99 - $39.99 


Q – Are the bats legal for league play? 

A – That depends on the league. You will need to contact them directly to ask. ALL our bats can be used as training bats and most are used for that purpose because of the great durability they provide. Our higher end bats are typically used as game bats because of the greater performance as well as the durability they provide. 


Q – Where can I see you bats in person? 

A – Our bats are sold in major big box stores as well as mom and pop stores across the country. 


Q- If I break a bat within the warranty period can I return it to the store for a replacement? 

A – No. All broken bat warranties need to be returned back to us for proper verification. If you break a bat you’ll need to email us at  info@bamboobat.comand we will send you instructions along with the needed RA# you will need in order to get a replacement. 


Q – Are the BamBooBat and Pinnacle Sports bats as durable as people say they are?

A – Yes they are. Over a 16yr period of time since we have been selling our products we have a 3% breakage rate within our warranty period. 


If you have any questions or concerns please email us: