Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

Become a Pinnacle Sports/BamBooBat Ambassador!

 Are you a Baseball or Softball player age 8 to 21 who loves Pinnacle Sports or BamBooBat branded bats?

Become a Pinnacle Sports/BamBooBat Ambassador and get Ambassador-Only Discounts and other BamBooBat Goodies!

All you have to do is:

  • Like and Follow the Pinnacle Sports/BamBooBat Company Facebook page ( ).
  • Post a photo* to yourself (or your child) holding a Pinnacle Sports or BamBooBat bat to your Facebook page. 
  • In the post, mention what you like about our bats, tag @BamBooBat, and include the hashtag #BamBooBatAmbassador.
  • Once you’ve completed the above, fill out the Pinnacle Sports/BamBooBat Ambassador Form at the bottom of this page.

Anyone who completes these simple steps will become a Pinnacle Sports/BamBooBat Ambassador!

Pinnacle Sports/BamBooBat Ambassadors will receive a personalized Ambassador Discount Code that can be used on ALL future purchases of Pinnacle Sports Equipment or BamBooBat branded products made through our website. Your Ambassador Discount Code can also be shared with friends or relatives and you can even use it to become an influencer by posting it on your own social media pages. 

 You’ll also be eligible for monthly giveaways, including bats, apparel, and other accessories!

Pinnacle Sports/BamBooBat Ambassador & Photo Release Form

Ambassador’s First & Last Name* [                      ___________       _______              ]             Age* [               ]

If under 18 years old, this form must be filled out by your parent or guardian.

Parent or Guardian’s First & Last Name [          ___________________                      ]

Email* [                   ________________________                                   ]             Phone Number [              __________                       ]

By submitting this form, the Ambassador or their Parent or Guardian, if the Ambassador is under 18, authorizes Pinnacle Sports Equipment, Inc. to use the Ambassador Photo that was submitted as an entry into the Pinnacle Sports/BamBooBat Ambassador program, with or without their name, for any lawful purpose including, but not limited to, social media posts, digital ads, and print ads, as deemed appropriate by Pinnacle Sports Equipment, Inc.