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Granite - Hickory Hybrid 2Yr Warranty Baseball Bat
by Pinnacle Sports Equipment, Inc.

The Granite series of bats from Pinnacle Sports comes with the longest manufacturer's warranty in the industry. A full TWO YEARS from the date of purchase. Made from carefully selected strips of bamboo laminates and solid hickory wood, our Granite bats are the greatest value on the market. These bats can be used for your everyday batting practice as well as your games. It is BBCOR approved and a very high performing bat.

The Granite series has three different turning models. The 271 series comes with a medium barrel and a tapered handle. The 243 has a larger barrel and a tapered handle, and our SQ29 model has a large barrel and a straight handle.

We now added a SPECIAL rubber like finish to the handles of all our Granite models for ultimate performance. Combined with the absolute BEST warranty in the industry, the Granite series is the bat to buy. Don’t use your expensive composite bat for all your batting practice sessions, use our Granite and extend the life of your composite bat. Once you feel the power and performance of this bat you won't want to use anything else.

  1. Two-Year Warranty
  2. Rubber Like Finished Handle
  3. Cupped End
  4. Three Turning Models
  5. BBCOR Approved
  6. Great for Batting Practice or Game Use
  7. Power and Performance



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