Pinnacle-BamBooBat TS Bat Grip

Pinnacle-BamBooBat TS Bat Grip (Supply is Limited)

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Pinnacle/BamBooBat TS Bat Grip Enhancer


Limited Time Offer : The days of using messy, staining pine tar sticks are over. The co-branded BamBooBat/Pinnacle Sports Tiger Stick revolutionary sports grip is a must for any baseball player serious about his game. It will enhance your confidence at the plate to give you that extra firm bat grip and control you need. Now co-branded with BamBooBat & Pinnacle Sports our customers know they will be getting a great product for a great price as well. At BamBooBat & Pinnacle Sports we are always trying to find new ways to bring premium quality products to the consumer for an exceptional value. We have a very limited supply of these items left in stock. Once they are sold out they will no longer be available to purchase from our company.