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We offer a few different training bats, that in our opinion are essential to any player, regardless of skill level.


First, is the 18" or 21" One Hand Trainer.  This tool is perfect for training both your top or bottom hand and making sure your swing is on the proper path.  It's an essential that should be in every players bat bag.  It should be used as a warm up tool before each game, or practice session.  Just as we warm up our bodies via stretching, let's warm up our swings and make sure they're on point!


Secondly, is our soft toss "Line Driver" training bat.  This bat is truly special.  It has a 1" diameter barrel that enforces and stresses the importance of hand to eye coordination.  The real beauty of this bat is how it is made.  Due to it's bamboo composition, we're able to give the bat a similar swing "feel", allowing players to hit real baseballs/softballs.  This training bat comes in three sizes (29"/32"/34") and four colors.


The advantage this provides is immense.  Compared to most narrow training bats, which require players to hit soft or even plastic mini balls, our bat allows players to get real feedback at the point of contact, each and every swing.  Being able to ensure each swing and repetition is as on point and efficient as possible.  Knowing when a good swing, was really a good swing and not just seeing a plastic ball fly away, never knowing how well you really struck it.  NO MORE WASTED SWINGS!


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